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Registered "In Touch" subscribers will no doubt have noticed a radical change to the design and added features now on In Touch.

More importantly, these enhancements and added features has NOT come with a price. Your subscription will remain at less than R 30 per month and we are happy to have been able to accommodate our In Touch subscribers requests.

Keep them coming!
Over the past year, we at Pfire have received a lot of feedback from our clients requesting some changes to our website and in particular to there own secure and private portals.

We have managed to accommodate almost all the requests submitted. The features have been significantly enhanced and facilitating systematic collaboration between you and your consultant to another level. The design has also changed to ensure that all text is now against a white background making reading just that much easier.

Other features which ave been enhanced at the request of our In Touch Users now also include:-

  • Faster browsing options

  • You can now update your own financial matters in more detail such as assets, liabilities, income and expenditure as well as assurance policies

  • You can view your debit order details and change your debit order bank details to suit you.

  • You now have a neat dashboard to enable you to access ALL your features from one area (called My Details).

  • Your personal details has been expanded to enable you to capture your children's details as well as your spouses details (where applicable).

  • Whether you edit or add personal details or financial details, your financial advisor will be informed of these updates.automatically.

We at Pfire would like to thank all of our subscribers for continuing to provide us with feedback on this service. As many of you know, this service was not created by us - but by you, our client. We anticipate continuing to update this service and need you to continue to tell us what you need.

Thank you all for supporting this new generation service - In Touch!

From the team at Pfire In Touch.